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In Ecofood S.A. we have an unwavering commitment with ethical values in each procedure. Our policy considers public information and transparency about our suppliers; tracking of their products, clients and production procedures. This corporate policy exhibits our committed role which has granted us respect in the national market.


Ecofood S.A. seeks to contribute to environmental care and our actions lead into that direction. Our company aims to harness meat sub-products which would be otherwise put into centers of waste management and disposal. Additionally, Ecofood attempts to make the most of natural resources by recirculating the water utilized in the production processes and applying high technology to protect nature. Also, Ecofood is ISO 14:001 accredited on environmental management systems, being the only company in this business to have this certification.



Ecofood has a compromise with the community where it is located. This is attested, for instance, by the sponsoring of Ramon Barros Luco school in Retiro, which situates near our process plant. Likewise, Ecofood maintains strong ties with the most relevant organizations in the city, such as neighborhood councils, sport clubs and the fire department, thus, being a relevant role in society.


Ecofood S.A. has a special commitment with both their workers and good labor practices. Therefore, our company carries out a solid policy of working environment and workplace safety which translates into regular training on different subjects, competitive remunerations, rewards, and plans for people development. Ecofood is also interested in fostering job stability.
Web Ecofood Compromisos De Empresa